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More councils pledge to support people seeking sanctuary

THIS is people power. In the last twenty-four hours, four local councils have made steps to become safe havens for refugees. This is down to a groundswell of support from ordinary people who want their communities to be places of welcome & support for everyone. Meet the councils…

1) Sunderland Council. Last night the council
passed a motion agreeing to work towards becoming a Council of Sanctuary  This is HUGE. This means the council has agreed to change the way that it works to ensure that support & welcome for refugees are a priority.
2) Wandsworth Council. Next week is passing a motion to become a Borough of Sanctuary – this means they’re agreeing to an institutional and cultural change: #RefugeesWelcome AND they’re appointing two new officers for refugee-related work.
3) Peterborough Council. This city has welcomed refugees from Syria, Afghanistan and Ukraine in recent years, now the council will soon decide if they will pledge to become a Council of Sanctuary.
4) Craven Council – their policy committee has agreed that the council should welcome people seeking sanctuary – soon the full council will decide  If the council approves, they will start the process of becoming a District of Sanctuary.
Grassroot community groups have been pushing for this. HUGE props to them all  We’re going to support these councils every step of the way on their journey to becoming Councils of Sanctuary.