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A grim anniversary: 10 years of the Hostile Environment

Today marks ten years of the Hostile Environment policy. From ‘Go Home’ vans to the Windrush scandal, proposed pushbacks at sea to sending people seeking sanctuary to Rwanda. This policy has destroyed lives, torn families apart, pushed people into destitution and fuelled appalling racism. It has undoubtedly caused catastrophic human harm.

Our government want us to think that there is no alternative to this cruelty and division. That’s BS.

The Home office’s own data shows the policy to be totally ineffectual. The asylum backlog is at record levels and the department has doubled the time it takes to process visas and asylum claims have increased.

When will they acknowledge that just treating people as human beings is the simplest, best option?

Everyone wins when compassion, kindness and fairness are the priority. Everyone.

We know that, and until our government’s realise the same, the City of Sanctuary networks will continue to build a more welcoming UK.

We are incredibly inspired and thankful for the thousands of you who make up the City of Sanctuary networks. Love will win.