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A shameful day for the UK. The Anti-Refugee Bill has passed.

A shameful day for the UK. The Anti-Refugee Bill has passed.

Despite our best efforts and overwhelming opposition, the government has managed to force the Nationality and Borders Bill through Parliament.

This bill will punish refugees who have been left with no other options to find safety by taking dangerous journeys to get to the UK, and it will criminalise people for simply trying. It’s completely at odds with the UN Refugee Convention and will see the UK roll back on our international obligations.

This is a sad day for people fleeing war and persecution. Our thoughts are with the people who will be affected, directly and indirectly. We are with you.

Time and time again, ordinary people show that they will not stand for cruelty. That they are willing to open their hearts, minds and homes to refugees. Our hope lies with the people.

The extraordinary dedication, creativity and resilience that these networks have shown has been breath-taking. From schools and universities to local councils, theatres and libraries – up and down the country thousands of you have stood up to defend refugee rights.

Together we have shown the government that the bill doesn’t represent us. And together we are strong.

This is crushingly disappointing, but don’t lose hope. These networks of welcome and solidarity have never been stronger, or more important.
We will fight this with everything we have. This is not over.

A different future is possible, one where people fleeing war and persecution are protected, not punished.
Image: Text message from Alice, a Sanctuary Ambassador.