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Anti-Refugee Bill: Will your MP be on the right side of history?

The Nationality and Borders bill is expected to return to the House of Commons on April 20th.

A reminder: we call this bill the Anti-Refugee Bill because if it passes in its current form, it will represent the biggest roll back of refugee rights that this country has ever seen.

A few weeks ago the House of Lords delivered a series of crushing defeats to the bill, insisting key reforms rejected by the Commons are looked at again. This is hugely promising for us.

This is a significant setback for the government, and gives us another opportunity to press our MPs to stand for humanity not hostility – and vote for our priority amendments.

MPs have already voted on this bill before, so we know who to focus our attentions on. This is a list of every single MP who voted ‘Aye’ and therefore voted to punish refugees who make their own way to find safety in the UK.

This could be our last chance to make a stand.

1) If your MP is on the list – write to them today telling them to represent their constituents and be on the right side of history. Together With Refugees have updated a template letter for you to send to your MP.

2) Tweet your MP. Find your MP’s twitter details here. Please use the hashtag #ProtectNotPunish

Suggested tweets:

Hi @XXXX. If you’re really serious about standing with Ukraine, you must vote against the #AntiRefugeeBill. This bill is all about punishment not protection. It’s just not right. Please do the right thing & vote to #ProtectNotPunish


We should welcome people fleeing Ukraine, Afghanistan, Syria + more. But instead the Gov wants to criminalise, detain & deport refugees. The House of Lords rejected these plans – now you @XXX need to do the same. #ProtectNotPunish

Together With Refugees will be amplifying the pressure by organising a boat stunt on the Thames in front of the House of Commons on 20 April. This is to send a clear message to MPs as they prepare to vote.

The’ll share film and social media content with us all next week and on the day, to let MPs know we want them to vote for humanity.