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Nationality and Borders Bill: update

On Tuesday evening our MPs voted on the Anti-Refugee Bill. A majority voted in favour.

That means they voted in favour of treating people differently depending on how they arrived into the UK. They voted in favour of off-shore processing centres. They voted in favour of punishment, not protection.

This is crushing – but there were still wins. The government faced strong criticism and a series of rebellions led by a set of former conservative ministers.

That means the fight is not over yet.

The bill now heading back to the Lords to finalise in a process called ping-pong.

Your MP has the power to change this – call on them to be on the right side of history.

This government is out of step with the public. People in the UK are kind and generous – they open their hearts and homes to people fleeing war and persecution.

So the fight for a more welcoming, more compassionate politics, to reflect people across the UK, starts today ☀️

Let’s build on our wins and keep up the pressure!

Ilustration by Hamada, one of our Sanctuary Ambassadors.