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The House of Lords just stood in solidarity with refugees

The House of Lords say NO to clause 11.

This is the grotesque clause in the new Anti-Refugee Bill that criminalises people seeking safety who arrive by “irregular” routes.⁣

This means the House of Lords recognise the obvious fact that when someone is fleeing to save their life they are unable to wait for months, even years, for the official paperwork to travel to be reunited with family, to find sanctuary and the chance to rebuild. ⁣

204 votes to 126. This sends a clear message to the government, and is a timely blow blow to their heartless approach.⁣

Our MPs will now discuss this clause in the House of Commons. So we must keep up the pressure.⁣

Write to your MP⁣
Tweet your MP⁣
Write an open letter to your MP via your local newspaper