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The Anti-Refugee Bill: One last push…

The Nationality and Borders Bill, what we call the Anti-Refugee Bill, is very close to becoming law. If it passes in its current state, it will be the biggest roll back of refugee rights this country has ever seen and will change our whole society in unthinkable ways. ⁣

So we must fight it, to the very end.

Next month we must all come together again. One last push before the bill returns to the House of Commons.

The 21st March is the last push to show the depth and breadth of support for the more compassionate approach to refugees.

Together With Refugees are encouraging us all reach out to our communities, gather signs of support and then show them off at a local landmark.

Plans are already underway to land hearts on iconic landmarks in Glasgow, Manchester, Newcastle, Bristol and Cardiff.

This day is the day for action, big or small. The most important thing is to get out there and make your voice heard. Whether it’s organising a vigil, displaying artworks created by the community, holding hands around a landmark, sharing messages of soliarity, writing to your local paper or even just tweeting your MP. Get more hints and tips here.

Remember to take pictures, share on social media and invite the local press.

Need inspiration? On 2 March at 5.30pm Together With Refugees are holding a webinar to help you plan your events and get the whole community involved. Register here.