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Goodbye to County of Sanctuary Pembrokeshire

This group of incredible volunteers deserve a LOT of love.

County of Sanctuary Pembrokeshire formed as a rapid response to the hundreds of people seeking sanctuary being held in the woefully inadequate Penally Barracks.

The local community were horrified. 150+ people came together to offer support and friendship: organising distributions of vital supplies, running education classes, befriending sessions, sports sessions, wellbeing day trips and coordinating a bike borrowing scheme.

In March of last year Penally barracks finally closed.

The government wanted hostility, but this community made sure that love won.

Now, with all people once held in the facility rehoused across the country, this group feel it is the right time to close their own doors.

“We are all volunteers and for some it has been the most demanding work of our lives.” they explain. “But the friendships we have made – both with each other as volunteers and with ‘the boys’ who were once in Penally – will last a lifetime.”

Please join us in showing a HUGE amount of love, respect and gratitude to them all.