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Meet Niloha: a City of Sanctuary Ambassador

My name is Niloha. To me, sanctuary means this country. My home. ⁣

The UK provided me with safety – finally now I feel serene and I receive the understanding and the empathy I deserve.⁣

Every newcomer should be met with empathy and welcome. ⁣

To truly welcome people seeking sanctuary like me, our governments must work to integrate refugees into the community, demonstrate compassion, uphold their human rights, and celebrate the cultural and religious diversity.⁣

—— ⁣
Niloha was forced to leave her home in Venezuela, her life as a doctor and everything that was familiar. ⁣After experiencing the hostile environment of the UK asylum system, she is now a passionate refugee rights campaigner, and a City of Sanctuary ambassador. ⁣

This is what sanctuary means to Niloha. What does it mean to you?