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Beach response in Hastings

Imagine arriving cold and wet in a strange new place. Imagine the relief of being greeted by a friendly face. ⁣

This week around forty people, including five unaccompanied children, landed on Hastings beach after being rescued by the RNLI.⁣

They had been at sea for twenty hours. Everyone was freezing, exhausted and very relieved to have survi
ved the terrifying crossing.⁣

Incredible volunteers with the Hastings City of Sanctuary group were there to provide them with warm, dry clothing and hot drinks and food. ⁣

This is solidarity in action. ⁣

Want to help?
If you live locally, you can drop clothing donations with the
centre manager at Southwater Community Centre on Stainsbury Street on St Leonards on weekday mornings. Or contact the Hastings team on [email protected]