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The Home Office has said it will continue to house people in Napier barracks and has begun moving people into the facility, where it reportedly intends to continue requiring people to sleep 28 to a dormitory. The move comes despite a serious Covid outbreak, damning reports on conditions and opposition from across the political spectrum and within civil society. Legal cases claiming that conditions in the barracks are inadequate and unlawful are due to be heard in the High Court this week.

Former residents of the camp continue to speak out about what they endured there, with Hashem and Ethan telling OpenDemocracy about the fear and conditions they suffered, and Erfan telling Hastings City of Sanctuary ‘Every one of us who lived in Napier barracks are not the same people we used to be before going there’.

It is vitally important, especially in light of the UK Government’s proposals to house people seeking asylum in large-scale ‘reception centres’, that we continue to oppose these wholly unsuitable sites. Asylum Matters has had some brilliant feedback from advocates from across the UK who have continued to contact their MPs to tell them to #ClosetheBarracks and house people safely within our communities.

Take Action

Please continue to sign and share the petitions including from 38 degreesFreedom from Torture, and Hastings Community of Sanctuary; and if you’ve contacted your MP on this issue, do please let Asylum Matters know.Elsewhere on asylum accommodation, the No Evictions network and others launched its Asylum Landlords campaign; while The Ferret recently reported on large numbers of people seeking asylum still being housed in unsuitable hotel accommodation in Scotland.

Thanks to Asylum Matters our partners for this helpful update on the continuing and appalling state of asylum accommodation.