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Join Our Dance Action of Global Solidarity To End Violence

City of Sanctuary UK’s Connect & Create programme is joining forces with Dance Syndrome, a disability-led company, to participate in the One Billion Rising campaign which raises awareness of the pandemic of gender-based violence.

Every February 14th all around the world women and girls rise up in a dance of global solidarity to break the cycle of violence that sadly still exists for so many. Anyone can join the dance by learning the simple choreography and posting a video online. The more people that join in the louder our voice and the more effective we can be in addressing the problem.

We are offering people in our network the opportunity to learn the dance under the skilful tuition of Jen Blackwell and Donna Wheeldon from Dance Syndrome who always make everyone feel included even if they have never danced before.

To hear Jen‘s inspiring story about fighting discrimination and learn how we are going to work together to contribute to One Billion Rising come along to Funday Friday on February 5th between 4-5pm. You can register here.

We will also be making a special teaching video with Dance Syndrome which will be available in the following days, and on February 12th we will be meeting with Jen and Donna again at Funday Friday to record our online dance ready to share with the world on February 14th. Put these dates in your diary now!

You can learn more about Dance Syndrome here.

And you can enjoy a wonderful video from One Billion Rising which shows people of all ages, abilities, genders, ethnicities, faiths and nationalities from more than 200 countries dancing in the 2013 edition. Click here.