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Families Together Digital Organising Training Programme 

Families Together Digital Organising Training Programme

Oxfam and STAR have put together a Digital Organising Training programme for Families Together campaigners, which is free and open to all coalition members.

The training is a four-part series of sessions to help everyone – from first-time campaigners to seasoned activists – get to grips with the tools they need to campaign for refugee family reunion and beyond. As the sessions link together, attendees are asked to ensure they can attend at least two of the four sessions before booking.

The sessions are as follows:

 – Session 1 – Planning Your Campaign to Build & Create Change (6-7.30pm 9th February)
 – Session 2 – Using Social Media As A Tool To Change The World (6-7.30pm 23rd February)
 – Session 3 – Challenging & Changing The Narrative Through Media & Press (6-7.30pm 16th March)

 – Session 4 – Building & Using Power In Communities (6-7.30pm 6th April)

Applications are now open, and are welcome from across the Families Together coalition. An application form and further information is attached. Please contact Sophie Morbey at Oxfam ([email protected]) if you have any enquiries.