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ESOL | Teaching Refugees

Two excellent blogs/podcasts about ESOL for people seeking sanctuary

EAP for Social Justice: Praxis in Action have published two inspirational sister blogs / podcasts –  Leicester University of Sanctuary staff involved in the English Language Teaching Unit, Pascale and Julie talk about their approach to working with refugees at Leicester. This programme includes free expert tuition in quality university provision ( via Zoom during the pandemic) for people seeking sanctuary in conjunction with Leicester City of Sanctuary.  The range of classes start from beginners right through to English for Academic Purposes.

These provide useful resources for English Language teachers working with people seeking sanctuary.

“The more you get involved, the more emotional resilience you’ll need and the more mindful you’ll need to be when it comes to your own mental health.”  Pascale

Providing Pastoral Support for Refugees on University Language Programmes: It’s Not a Career; It’s a Life Choice by Pascale Roussel

Blog and Podcast

“By giving an hour from your life, you will receive boundless love and care, and experience unexplainable warmth and tenderness from them. By helping them and treating them as equals – regular human beings – we will be contributing to creating a healthier and stronger society.” Julie

Life Lessons from Refugees: Glimpse into a Teacher’s Diary by Julie Umarova
Blog and Podcast
The blogs /podcasts were released as complimentary reading before the opening event of Breaking Barriers Refugee Week (1-5 March 21) at the University of Leicester organised by The Sanctuary Seekers’ Unit.  Click here for more information and to register for this online event.  In this webinar, you will hear from staff, volunteers and sanctuary students about the work that the unit is doing to support refugees and the impact that it is having on people’s lives including insights into English language provision for sanctuary seekers by Aleks Palanac (English for Academic Purposes Tutor and University of Sanctuary Facilitator).