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The Man Who Fell From the Sky

A filmmaker called Rich Bentley has spent the last 5 years making a documentary called ‘The Man Who Fell From the Sky’, which will premiere on Channel 4 at 10pm on Monday 4th January 2021.  

Rich says: “This is a film about the extraordinary story of two men who stowed away on a plane from Johannesburg to London in 2015. Sadly, one of the men fell to his death in Richmond but his companion miraculously survived the 11 hour flight and -60 degree temperatures. It has taken us five years to piece their stories together and our motivation for making this film is to give a voice to the migrant experience, shine a light on the asylum process and hopefully make a positive contribution towards attitudes on immigration.”

Rich is interested to know if anyone might want to make use of this film in any way.  His previous work, The Stranger on the Bridge, provoked some very positive conversations on social media, in homes around the country, and even on Gogglebox(!) about mental health, and he is hoping that something similar might come from this new film.
City of Sanctuary groups may wish to promote the film on your social media, or to use the film as a way to amplify links to stories you’re keen to tell yourselves, or whether online screenings might be possible, or any other purpose you can think of?
Rich would  be very happy to discuss any ideas you have about this, and he can also answer any questions you might have about the film itself.  Rich can be contacted at [email protected]