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New Report from Asylum Matters – ‘Locked into Poverty – life on asylum support’

3p Rise in Asylum Support – an insult!

Ministers have confirmed they have completed their full review and are increasing asylum support rates by just an extra 3p a week from the interim raise to £39.60 in June. We feel this is an insult, not an increase.

In July and August Asylum Matters ran an asylum support survey and submitted the evidence to the Home Office as part of their review.

Today, they have published a public facing report of the data gathered – ‘Locked into Poverty – life on asylum support’ which reveals a picture of poverty, exclusion and hardship for people seeking asylum reliant on Government support payments. Asylum Matters appreciate the many partners who disseminated the survey, and people seeking asylum themselves, for sharing their experiences of life on asylum support with them.

You can find our new report on the Asylum Matters website.

The report sets out the findings of their survey among 184 people seeking asylum, and reveals that: 

Meanwhile, recent polling data found that 64% of people in key marginal constituencies thought the amount people currently receive on asylum support was too little.

Asylum Matters are asking supporters to help publicise this report on social media, to highlight how 3p a week is an #InsultNotAnIncrease.

See the brilliant infographics below to help with your social media to go with it. You can find the info graphics here as well their social media guide with suggested tweets and Twitter threads, which was designed for organisations who were involved in the survey, however, please amend and adapt as you see fit. If you have the time it would be great if you could send out your own tweets or create your own Twitter threads or Facebook posts. Alternatively please do retweet Asylum Matters, or share the City of Sanctuary Facebook post.