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New Survey: Living on asylum support

Photo by Nick Fewer from Unsplash

Asylum Matters understands the Department is still carrying out its standard review of the level of asylum support and they want to input into this process. They want to hear from people in the asylum system about their experiences of living on asylum support.

From now until Friday 31st July, Asylum Matters will be running an online survey that is open to people currently living on asylum support to share their experiences. The survey focuses on things such as access to food, medicines, educational resources and digital connectivity.
People can respond about their experiences in general, as the Home Office’s asylum support review is not Covid specific. However, there is a question for people to outline their experiences during this time. Participants are able to complete the survey anonymously if they so wish.
The survey has been written in easy to understand English, and participants can respond in their language of choice. Information gathered via the survey may be used publicly, but always anonymously.
Asylum Matters particularly welcome contributions from families with children in the asylum system, but individuals/single adults on asylum support are also invited to participate in the survey.

The deadline for survey responses is Friday 31st July.
If you have any questions about this piece of work or would like to get involved either as an individual or as an organisation, please contact Emma Birks via [email protected]