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Open letter to Home Secretary from These Walls Must Fall

Campaign group, These Walls Must Fall has written an open letter to the Home Secretary Priti Patel urging the government to address the plight of people currently in immigration detention centres. These Walls Must Fall Spokespeople Group in South Yorkshire is comprised of people with lived experience of UK immigration detention, totalling many years. The campaign group although welcomes recent release of people from detention, they are still concerned many people still remain detained in what they describe as “increasingly dangerous conditions.”

In their open letter they say, “We also believe a great many of these detentions to be unlawful. We are also concerned that you have not yet made public your current detention policies in relation to COVID-19, despite being instructed to by the courts, making it impossible for people to understand or challenge the lawful basis of their detention, as is their right.”

“We ask you to urgently take action to save lives, support the efforts to stop COVID-19, and prevent
unlawful actions by your department.”

The campaign group is appealing for organisations and individuals to sign their open letter which can be accessed here.