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Families Together: Local level campaign toolkit launched

The Families Together coalition has produced a whole toolkit of resources to help local campaigners pushing for the UK Government to change their strict family reunion rules aimed at keeping refugee families apart.

The Government has the power to change this but needs to hear local voices across the country telling them this is the right thing to do.

This toolkit and the materials are designed to help campaigners to garner support for their local Families Together campaign, whether that’s engaging with your MP, organising a solidarity community event or display a poster.

The Coalition supports the expansion of the UK rules on refugee family reunion – which currently prevent families from being together just when they need each other most. An expansion of the rules would allow more families to be reunited safely in the UK.

The materials have a jigsaw theme to highlight the idea that refugees are ‘missing a piece’ of their family. Supporters are encouraged to target their local MPs. The materials can be used any time from now onwards.  Local supporters of Families Together might consider organising an activity locally to coincide with the national puzzle day on 29th January.

Refugees should not be separated from their families. Supporters  can access the Families Together Local level campaign toolkit and some materials by clicking here

The folder includes:

  • The toolkit,which provides advice on planning and organising; messaging; campaign ideas, case studies and some practical considerations.
  • To be used alongside this, and shared with supporters, a condensed action guide
  • The following materials: two template MP letters; a placard; posters; and action card

For those who would like hard copies of the posters, placards or action cards, then get in touch with Amnesty International or Oxfam