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Ex-Leicester City player lends support to Leicester City of Sanctuary

Football is one of the most popular sports around the world. It has the natural power to bring people together, cutting across barriers such as language or religion. Many City of Sanctuary groups use football to bring communities together, supporting well-being  and building relationships of solidarity.  Several football clubs including some clubs in the Premiership partner with Amnesty International on their Football Welcomes project.

Leicester City Football Club is one of the clubs involved in this initiative through their Leicester City in the Community’s Football Welcomes project. Recently, former Leicester City player Matt Piper attended a ‘soccercise’ session at the Leicester City of Sanctuary weekly drop-in. Matt got a huge welcome from the group and it  was important for him to see first-hand how the work of Leicester City in the Community working in partnership with other groups contributes to making Leicester a real city of welcome for asylum seekers and refugeesSee the Leicester City of Sanctuary report on their Facebook page.

More about the session attended by Piper, including a great video can be accessed here.

Leicester City of Sanctuary runs two sporting initiatives in partnership with Leicester City in the Community (LCitC). LCoS have a hugely popular Saturday football group attended by up to 40 young men each week, and an exercise class called ‘soccercise’ at their weekly drop-in that is supported by a coach from LCitC.

Featured photo- Matt Piper receiving a hand massage from Nicky, a City of Sanctuary volunteer.