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Migrants Organise Launch ‘Promote the Migrant Vote’ Campaign

In advance of the General Election on 12 December, Migrants Organise have launched their Promote The Migrant Vote campaign to support migrants and BAME groups to engage with the upcoming election. More than 9 million people eligible to vote in the UK are at risk of not being able to vote in the upcoming election, which disproportionately impacts people from migrant and BAME backgrounds. This includes Commonwealth Citizens from more than 50 countries who are eligible to vote. The deadline for registration is 26th November so please help spread the word in your communities.

You can do this by supporting the campaign on social media, on Twitter @MigrantVote and using #PromoteMigrantVote, running a registration drive in your area, or partnering /  volunteering with Migrants Organise. You can email: [email protected] for more information.