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Old Stock: A Refugee Love Story

Our Acting Deputy Director, Ben Margolis, was invited to speak on stage after a performance of Old Stock: A Refugee Love Story at Old Wiltons Music Hall. He has written this brief reflection.

“When I was contacted by a tour manager to speak at the end of a show in London I was reluctant as we are asked to give a lot of talks…and it was in London which potentially meant a specific journey from Norwich. However, after reading more about the show I knew I had to see it – the story mirrors that of my family who fled Eastern Europe to escape a pogrom. My family came to England in the early 20th century – the people we follow in the show fled to Canada. I am also a fan of Ben Kaplan’s music and performance, one of the co-creators of the show.

The show is extraordinary. Over 1.5 hours the audience cheers, cries, laughs, claps, wonders, worries, enjoys, despairs. The combination of klezmer and folk music, fantastic performances, simple but powerful set in a shipping container and the connections to today’s struggles for freedom and safety make for a mesmerising and memorable experience.

Unfortunately the short UK tour has now ended but do take a look at some of the following links to find out more about Old Stock: A Refugee Love Story.”

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