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Asylum and refugee quarterly data release from Office for National Statistics, for period ending December 2018

The UK offered protection – in the form of grants of asylum, alternative forms of protection and resettlement – to 15,891 people in 2018 (up 8% compared with the previous year). The total number of people offered protection each year has been around this level since early 2015, and in 2018 comprised:

– 7,636 grants of asylum (up 2%), with grants to Turkish (up 332), Iranian (down 381), Eritrean (down 358) and Sudanese (down 315) nationals.

– 2,449 grants of an alternative form of protection (more than doubled), driven predominantly by an increase of 1,042 grants of humanitarian protection, particularly to Libyan nationals (up 907)

– 5,806 people provided protection under resettlement schemes (7% fewer than the previous year).

Please follow this link to access the data in full: immigration-statistics-year-ending-december-2018/how-many-people-do-we-grant-asylum

Please follow this link to individual data tables to see the breakdown of where asylum seekers and refugees are living by local authority: immigration-statistics-year-ending-december-2018-data-tables