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Immigration Detention – New Report from the Home Affairs Committee

The Home Affairs Committee has published its report on immigration detention this month, following a year-long inquiry. You can find the Committee’s press release and report online here.
The report rebukes the Home Office for overseeing ‘serious failings in almost every area of the immigration detention process’, and calls for a 28 day time limit to be implemented ‘with immediate effect’. Echoing the Joint Committee on Human Rights report published last month, the Home Affairs Committee also calls for automatic judicial oversight of all decisions to detain, more effective safeguards against the detention of vulnerable people, and a stronger focus on alternatives to detention.
Detention Forum have published a blog summarising some of the Committee’s findings and placing the report in the context of wider calls for immigration detention reform. 
They have also created images you are welcome to use when sharing online, and you can find a round-up of coverage so far on their media page.
City of Sanctuary have been calling on all its groups to engage with this vital campaign to end indefinite detention for everybody. We are the only European nation with this cruel and heartless policy, which damages individuals, families and communities and our call for a 28 day time limit is a small reform. There have been countless reports on detention, detailing abuse and suffering and it is time for MPs to know the widespread feeling amongst our supporters that indefinite detention is wrong and that their constituents want them to make a change.  MPs tell us they have not heard this message sufficiently from their constituents and they are waiting to hear from you.  The report and the blogs from the Detention Forum provide helpful information for you to use when you are talking to your MP. Please also note this Sanctuary in Parliament 2018_ Policy Briefing Which includes the issues around detention and Sanctuary in Parliament 2018_A short guide to engaging with your MP which we produced for supporters for the Sanctuary in Parliament event last November.  These dollar documents and the campaigns remain relevant.

Please also promote this action through your social media.