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A day in the life of a refused asylum seeker from Zimbabwe

Supporters of Marian Machekanyanga gathered outside Vulcan House in Sheffield, the Home Office building where refused asylum seekers are required to report. The day was special, especially frightening for Marian, because two weeks earlier three asylum seekers from Zimbabwe had been detained for removal back to Zimbabwe.  The same could happen to Marian this day.  The presence of many Sheffielders outside gave her confidence as she went in.  The event was reported by Chanel 4 News and local media.

Marian was not detained and thanked everyone for their support.

Also significant was the effectiveness of the campaign to get the three previously detained returned to Sheffield – a petition in support of Victor Mujakachi getting over 77,000 signatures.

All three have been released from detention temporarily. Sheffield will keep up the pressure until the Home Office stops trying to return people who we have taken to our hearts, back to a country where their lives are at risk