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Home Office Review of Section 95 and Section 4 Support Levels

Responses to review accepted to 31st of August

 The Home Office is conducting their 2018 review into support levels for those supported under section 95 and is also considering the level of allowance provided to failed asylum seekers under section 4(2), and whether the two should be harmonised. The Home Office has invited views on this matter and are keen to hear from more organisations than in previous years when they received only a handful of submissions. Asylum Matters and Refugee Action have created this  template oganisational form for 2018 support rates review_ to encourage partner organisations to respond to the review. They have suggested a number of issues and questions that they feel are relevant to the review, but there is no obligation to respond to all questions and submissions can be as simple as referencing a handful of case studies.

The deadline for submissions to the review is the end of business on 31st August and must be emailed to [email protected] or posted to Asylum Support Policy Team, 7th Floor, Apollo House, 36 Wellesley Road, Croydon, CR9 3RR. Given the very short timeframe, if you are unable to complete a response in time but have some specific case studies or examples, please send them to [email protected] who will add them to the submission from Asylum Matters. Emma is also available to answer any further questions.