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Update on the ABC campaign in support of schools

Since the reports of the Department of Education decision to scrap the nationality and country of birth questions from the School Census, the Department for Education have failed to update their guidance.

As a result of this inaction Against Borders for Children (ABC) have received reports of schools issuing new census and enrollment forms which still ask for nationality and country of birth questions, and would like to collate many more to present to the Department for Education.

Please see their  article here and share with your Schools of Sanctuary and ask people to get in touch with ABC if they have seen nationality questions in their school forms.

In the coming days and weeks they will using a variety of tactics to call on the DfE to issue new guidance. Once they’ve established their plans, City of Sanctuary groups can get involved in possible public interventions such as public letters and press articles.

ABC  are also looking at a campaign calling for Free School Meals for children on No Recourse to Public Funds (NRPF) through compulsory education and more details about that in a later update.