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#StandUpForAsylum – Take Action Now

Thank you to our partner Refugee Action for their additional #StandUpForAsylum content in relation to their campaign push on reforming the asylum decision-making process (note that this content is not RA branded).

This follows the launch of their Waiting in the Dark report. They are now asking for support to promote this new content, including an Email Your MP action that asks the recipient MP to write to the Home Secretary and call for urgent reform. The new content is outlined below (the links all take you to a Dropbox page that should enable you to download the content directly, without a Dropbox account. If you have problems downloading, contact [email protected].

How you can help

Please write to your MP  either directly using your own words or with the help of this easy-to-use template and promote this action via social media using the above resources. Here are some draft tweets or Facebook posts or write your own.

Ø  Ahmad claimed asylum in the UK after fleeing the brutal war in Syria. But, two years later, he’s still waiting for a decision. Urgent reform of the asylum system is needed. Tell your MP to act: #StandUpForAsylum [attach Ahmad animation]

Ø  Almost half of people seeking asylum wait over 6 months. Many wait years. Often living in destitution, they are left isolation and afraid. Tell your MP to reform asylum now: #StandUpForAsylum [attach Kept in the Dark GIF]

Ø  People seeking safety cannot wait any longer. Please email your MP and ask them to call for urgent reform: #StandUpforAsylum [attach If You Were Waiting GIF];

Ø  Our system treats asylum like a punishment rather than the desperate last resort it is for those going through it. Tell your MP to support urgent reform: #StandUpForAsylum [attach The Real Crime GIF]