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Here is a new opportunity for City of Sanctuary groups to connect and communicate with others. The possibilities include recruitment, information sharing referrals, learning etc.
HumanKind: is a new volunteering & refugee support group platform that we are developing in collaboration with Code Your Future powered by Impossible. The platform has been developed by coders who are themselves refugees, asylum  seekers and stateless people in the UK .
HumanKind is an interactive program which enables refugee support focussed groups to communicate their needs to each other within a dedicated space and it matches them with suitable volunteers who want to give their skills and resources.
Please have a look at this animation which tells you a little about it .
Groups working in the area of refugee support ( Non profits,  Grassroots organisations, small charities, community groups and civil society networks ) who want to connect with like minded individuals & organisations to share their opportunities and needs.
The ultimate aim of the HumanKind platform is to strengthen the grassroots ​​refugee support network by increasing the flow of resources and skilled support into the sector in order to increase impact.
Users can go to to pre-register and begin testing our desktop compatible beta version right away. Simply :
  • Sign up as a non profit group to post your needs, offers & opportunities.
  • Sign up as an individual to respond to posts / arrange to volunteer, give donations or support actions  .
  • sign up as a company or corporate entity to collaborate to donate resources or provide services or training .
We are crowd sourcing the features and functions of the platform and making changes based on the feedback we receive. We need people to sign up and use it & offer feedback to help us improve it.
  • The platform doesn’t work on smart phones or ipads yet (That will be in phase two development ) The platform works only on desktop only for now. 
  • HumanKind registration is limited to UK for now. But we plan to go EU wide soon.
  • For now verification of groups is done manually. If you find that you cannot post straight away , this is because your group is still awaiting verification. However it takes more than 24 hours, please do contact us on [email protected] as there may be an issue.
We also need influencers to champion and help promote the platform, to encourage sign up prior to the public launch in June. The more users populate HumanKind, the better the algorithm will work.
So please do help to spread the word !
Here is the Facebook page and Twitter welcomes your feedback. Contact:  [email protected]
Together we are stronger!