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Project to help refugees, asylum seekers and other marginalised communities represent their experiences through games

Have you ever been curious about making a game?

It has never been easier to try out game design. If you’d like to learn more and try out making games yourself, you are invited to participate in a research project.

We have created a toolkit for beginners to make games that we would like to share with you.

This project aims to introduce communities to the power of game design for telling their stories. We are especially interested in working with newcomers, migrants, and refugee communities in Europe.

People of all ages and families are welcome to come and try the toolkit out.

We would like to observe your use of the toolkit and ask you some questions about what you think of it.

If you are interested in receiving more information regarding this project, please contact the project leader Alison Harvey at [email protected]

More on this project can be found here.  Please tell us in City of Sanctuary if you take this opportunity to design a game that could become a great resource for the network.