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“Refugees without Refuge” – new report from the Refugee Council

The Refugee Council report – Refugees without refuge  was published in September 2017.

It was commissioned by The Guardian and highlights findings from a survey of 54 people who had been granted refugee status since 2016 and had used the Refugee Council’s integration services.

Those taking part in the survey answered questions about their experiences when they were new refugees. Key findings related to the time it takes to receive Biometric Residence Permit and National Insurance Number and the need to rely on charities, friends and family, and foodbanks, when asylum support payments ended and employment had not been secured – only one person surveyed had a job at the end of the 28 day move on period. 27 people reported difficulties in opening a bank account.

None of the people who were living in asylum support accommodation had secured accommodation by the time they were evicted at the end of the move on period. More than half slept rough or in a hostel or night shelter in the period after they were granted refugee status. 30 people reported feeling uncomfortable about relying on others for food, money or accommodation and 12 said they felt unsafe. Many respondents reported negative feelings after being granted refugee status, and one reported multiple suicide attempts. Participants reported high levels of loneliness and isolation.

Click here to read the report’s findings and recommendations in full.