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#DignityNotDestitution – Join the New Campaign

Today Refugee Action launched Slipping Through the Cracks: how Britain’s asylum system fails the most vulnerable. It’s a heart-breaking read. They tracked 315 cases of people applying for emergency accommodation and financial section over the past year, and found that the Home Office’s failure to follow existing policies frequently left people homeless and hungry.

Out of the 315 cases supported by Refugee Action or Asylum Support Housing Advice (ASHA) reviewed:

•      50% of applications for emergency support (section 98) were wrongly refused, with 92% of these decisions overturned when challenged;

•      People waited an average of 2 months to receive long term financial and accommodation support and 3 months to receive just financial support.

•      People were left in initial accommodation for an average of 37 days, almost double the Home Office’s maximum target of 19 days. This left many in squalid, unsuitable conditions.

The Guardian published a special report today on the story. Channel 4 News is scheduled to cover it tonight. The full press release is at the bottom of this message.

With your support, we can change this.

Refugee Action are tweeting on the campaign to end this using the hashtag #DignityNotDestitution and asking supporters to tweet Amber Rudd MP and the Home Office to increase public pressure alongside the media coverage. We have launched an animation to explain the report’s findings in an engaging way. City of Sanctuary is a calling on all its supporters to join the campaign.

We’re convinced we can change this. The Home Secretary has frequently highlighted her commitment to ensuring that vulnerable people receive the support they need. The recommendations, as outlined below, are designed to ensure that no-one seeking this support is left homeless or hungry again.

Ways you can help on social media

New report by @RefugeeAction shows @ukhomeoffice failures leaving people hungry and homeless #DignityNotDestitution  

Take action to stop scandal of asylum support delays making the vulnerable hungry & homeless #DignityNotDestitution

People fleeing unimaginable horror abroad arrive to unbearable poverty here in the UK #DignityNotDestitution

In addition to the animation, a selection of GIFs highlighting the key findings from the report and photos can be downloaded here. Do feel free use them.