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Quakers provide a retreat for volunteers working with asylum seekers and refugees

People working with Refugees and Asylum Seekers are invited to a relaxation retreat at Charney Manor in Oxfordshire from 8-10 September. This event is designed with people, who would not otherwise be able to afford a relaxing holiday or retreat in mind.

Charney is a 13th Century Retreat Centre owned by the Society of Friends (Quakers), known as a quiet venue surrounded by beautiful gardens in a village setting.

Rooted in a testimony to peace, Quakers have worked to welcome newcomers to Britain for more than two centuries. As part of our gratitude to people of all faiths and none who have committed themselves to welcoming people seeking sanctuary, we are making Charney available as a place for recuperation and rejuvenation for refugee helpers.

A team of volunteers are preparing a relaxed programme of walks, board games, silent contemplation and meditation – all open to drop in or out of as you wish.

Costs will be borne by the organisers. They do ask that in booking you are saying you are definitely coming, or are willing to tell the organisers at least two weeks in advance if you can’t make it.

The nearest station is Didcot, from which a minibus will be arranged.