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Reminder: Call for Evidence for 2017 Asylum Support Levels Review by 28 April

Asylum Matters is urging its partners to submit evidence to inform the Home Office’s 2017 review into the level of asylum support cash allowance. Evidence could include cases where families or adults are unable to meet their essential living needs and particularly any consequent negative impacts on their health. In addition, the Home Office has stated that in the 2017 review they will consider whether it is appropriate to continue using ONS data (looking at expenditure by the lowest 10% income group among the UK population) or rely solely on their own market research. Their own analysis for many items was lower than that suggested by ONS data, and we would be concerned by a sole reliance on this research to set asylum support rates as it does not take into account the challenges faced by asylum-seekers in navigating their new environments (given their increased vulnerability, lack of support networks, geographical knowledge, challenges with the English language, etc). We would encourage partners to highlight these challenges in their submissions.

Details of where to make the submission can be found here. Alternatively, you can feed into the Asylum Matters submission with any evidence or thoughts by emailing [email protected]. The deadline is 28 April 2017.