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Reflection, Rest & Resilience retreat for Refugee Aid Volunteers

Sanctuary is for all of us.  Justine Corrie with the support of Mindful Life is offering a  2-day freely-given event  (in collaboration with The Mindful Life)- open to any volunteers/workers who have been involved in the refugee crisis who may be in need of some rest, recuperation and reflective space alongside other volunteers in a beautiful nurturing and supportive space.

Last September Justine, a psychotherapist,  conducted a survey of Volunteers – the results confirmed her personal experience of witnessing a culture of burnt-out, under-resourced and often unprepared for the impact, within this group of dedicated people.   One of the many-times voiced suggestions in the survey was for a reflective group space, away from the activity/hubbub of volunteer work/action.  So Justine decided to pilot this offering – a 2-day residential retreat space. Please see full details below.
 The retreat is open to and suitable for either anyone actively involved currently or anyone who has been involved and is now struggling to reintegrate back home after volunteering.
The retreat is being kindly supported by The Mindful Life charity, so  just a £30 commitment is paid when participants register, so they can be more sure of numbers. Any excess funds will be donated to Refugee Charities.
Details: 31st May at 10am to 1st June 4pm, Hazel Hill Woods, near Salisbury SP5 1AU 

A 2-day retreat space for anyone who has been involved in the European refugee crisis as an aid worker, volunteer or activist.

Set amongst the natural beauty and calm of this secluded 70-acre woodland retreat/education centre, we’ll be providing a community space and time to pause and reflect. You’ll have the opportunity to share experiences with others who’ve been working/volunteering in the refugee crisis, spend some time in stillness and both silent & shared reflection. You’ll also learn some tools to support wellbeing, resilience and sustainable action.

imagesThe retreat will include:

* Group Sharing
* Mindfulness Practice
* Exploring Burn-Out
* Tools for Inner-Resilience
* Exploring ‘Sustainable Action’
* Identifying & building inner resource

We’ll be responsive to the groups needs and navigate the 2 days with an emergent approach.

The 2-days will be a retreat space to nurture ourselves & reflect and not a space to try and ‘fix’ the refugee crisis.

We’ll have the opportunity to gather and work both outside in the woods and around the fire, as well as inside in the rustic, off-grid buildings.

The retreat will be facilitated by Justine Corrie and Nick Mabey, and generously supported by The Mindful Life.

Justine is a mindfulness-based psychotherapist and experienced group facilitator with Concious Collaboration. She is the founder of RAISE (Refugee Action in Somerset East) and has been involved in refugee action in Calais since October 2015 in a variety of ways including delivering aid, caravans and offering volunteer welfare support and trauma debriefs.

Nick is a trustee of the Mindful Life Charity as well as a partner at Relume Ltd. He is a coach, facilitator and teacher who, among other things, has a lot of experience of working with mindfulness on resilience.

The retreat is being generously supported & funded by The Mindful Life charity which has a foundation of compassion, connectedness and generosity. The Mindful Life was established as a social enterprise in 2010, with a mission to help people develop their own mindfulness practice. Find out more here. The Mindful Life became a registered charity in 2016 (1166378)

Accommodation will be shared dorms and/or camping in the woods. Wholesome vegetarian meals will be provided.

The retreat is freely given and facilitators & support team offer their time at no cost, we do ask however that you offer £30 as a gesture of your commitment. As the retreat will be mostly funded via The Mindful Life any funds in excess of costs will be donated to Help Refugees.

Places will be limited -to apply please email