Tasting My Future

A film by Sylvie Collier and Cathy Maxwell

‘Tasting My Future’ features women who fled wars, persecution and danger in their own countries. Reem, who survived a Baghdad bomb that killed her friends and nearly severed her arm. Diala fled bombs that smashed her neighbours’ homes in Syria. Zainab hid in African forest. Women from Iraq, Syria, Ethiopia, Kurdistan, Turkey and Egypt tell their stories of escape. They seek refuge in the UK to re-build shattered lives. Some live on their nerves, awaiting decisions on asylum. In exile, they share one tradition: cooking. Food is the pulse that drives this film. It’s how women cross cultural boundaries to cook and share traditional dishes. They celebrate together with an exuberant party.

The film can be watched here : Tasting My Future (UK) and for more information visit : www.tastingmyfuture.net

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