The national City of Sanctuary charity will seek to support our local groups in the following ways:

  • Encourage local groups to affiliate with the national City of Sanctuary movement if they adopt the Broad Approach for Member Groups of City of Sanctuary set out in the ‘Becoming a City, Town or Area of Sanctuary’ document.
  • Offer resources to support groups through sharing good ideas, success stories, advice and information to help with awareness raising, as well as in relation to streams of sanctuary, such as in the area of schools, arts, health, faiths and many others both online and through contact with our officers.
  • Connect groups with other groups in the region, and support groups in creating a regional culture of welcome and hospitality for those forced to seek safety from violence and persecution.
  • Include local groups where and whenever possible in events and activities organised by the national City of Sanctuary charity, for example via invitations to regional, national and stream events, by sharing and celebrating successes and good ideas from around the country, and by ensuring our trustees include someone who is familiar with your local group or regional activities.
  • Make an easy-to-use website and associated email address available for groups. See our guidance on getting your group a city of sanctuary website.