You may want to create your own local or stream leaflet about City of Sanctuary. You can use the attached leaflet or any of the samples of text below. For copies of the generic leaflet, please contact the national coordinator.
a national movement about welcome and belonging
City of Sanctuary supporters sign a resolution of support
indicating what they plan to do to make their city and activities more welcoming and inclusive.

This could include:

  • Inviting a refugee to take part in your hobby with you; football, sewing, even just an invite for dinner!
  • Holding an inter-faith event at your place of worship
  • Organising an awareness raising event
  • Donating a food parcel
  • Volunteering for a refugee organisation

City of Sanctuary groups are started by ordinary people like you; people who are passionate about welcoming and fairness.

To get involved:
Check to see if there’s a group in your area

Proud to be a Place of Safety

City of Sanctuary is a movement of local people and community groups. We want [your city] to be a welcoming place for people seeking sanctuary from war or persecution.

For many years [your city] has offered a home to people whose lives were in danger in their own countries. Many have lost their homes and families, but they have brought new skills, music, food and hard work to build up our city.

City of Sanctuary supporters include community centres, charities, social clubs, schools and businesses. Supporting organisations promise to welcome and include people seeking sanctuary in their activities. By doing this, they help local people and new arrivals to meet and to work together to improve their communities.

We would like more local groups and individuals to help in making [your city] proud to be a place of safety. We organise concerts, talks and workshops to bring [your city] people together, and we send our supporters news of local refugee events and opportunities.

If you would like to be involved in making [your city] a more welcoming city please contact: [your city]

Or visit our website:
How could your community welcome people seeking sanctuary?

Pass a resolution of support for [your city] City of Sanctuary.

Display one of our “We welcome refugees” signs outside your building or office.

Invite a refugee to speak to your community about their experiences.

Publicise City of Sanctuary, Refugee Week and other refugee events within your community.

Publicise opportunities for voluntary work with refugee organisations.

Invite refugee groups to your community social events.

Offer befriending or advocacy to people seeking sanctuary in your area.

Offer meeting or worship space to a refugee community group.

Raise funds for a local refugee charity.

Provide short or longer-term accommodation to people who are homeless because they have been refused sanctuary, by offering a spare room, or by contributing to the rent for a house.

Offer volunteer placements for suitably skilled refugees with your organisation.

Consider appointing refugees to positions of responsibility in your community.

These are just a few suggestions of ways that community groups can involve people seeking sanctuary in your activities. For more information, contacts with relevant organisations and support with putting these or other ideas into practice please contact City of Sanctuary at:

[your city]
[Your postal address]

Download: cofs_leafletfinal14jan_0.pdf