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New Campaign: Barclays, we are disappointed!

City of Sanctuary supporters will be aware of the difficulties many refugees have in opening a bank account and the devastating effect that this can have on their efforts to integrate following their long awaited refugee status. Indeed many of our groups have had difficulty opening accounts with banks questioning the legitimacy of supporting refugees from countries ravaged by war and terrorism.
 We welcome a new campaign –  Barclays, we are disappointed set up by HOPE not hate who have been supporting a group of young people from refugee backgrounds in Cardiff, to self organise around issues that affects their lives. The campaign demands that Barclays bank stops closing their bank accounts, which 1 in 5 people have been experiencing this in the last few months. They wish to confirm this by collecting case studies, and we hope that supporters and front line workers can help with this.
The group has designed a form for front line staff and supporters to log the cases of people experiencing these issues with banks, not only with Barclays bank but any other financial institutions. The campaign will also start a legal challenge, for that, they need your help in order to prove that this is taking place.  Please share this form with front line advisers and people who come in contact with people from refugee backgrounds. It only takes 5 minutes! image-1
* Online form – Logging case studies for Barclays, we are disappointed 
Finally, please take a minute to like and share their Facebook page – Barclays, we are disappointed   
For  more details about the campaign, contact Tatiana Garavito at [email protected]