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Red Cross #TornApart campaign and publication on family reunion

#Torn Apart – how reuniting families can be a solution to the refugee crisis.

The British Red Cross has published “Torn Apart  –  which promotes refugee family reunion as a safe and legal way for refugee families to be reunited by offering visas that allow people to travel to the UK legally rather than make dangerous journeys through smugglers.  UK rules allow refugee parents, who have successfully claimed asylum here, to be reunited with their children. But not if their children are aged 18 or over.  We know that the separation of families is heartbreaking and it is hard for anyone to fully settle and integrate when their hr earts ar still with for example their 19 year old daughter or a grandmother who is left alone and vulnerable.

See the full report Torn Apart Report BRC July 2016.

And the video here.

You can write to your MP from the Red Cross campaign website.