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AGM to include safe space for deliberations on our strategic response to the post-referendum situation

Dear friends and colleagues,

As you will know, we are currently going through a time of great change including many changes in City of Sanctuary.  Our AGM on 15th July in Cardiff will be a chance look at these changes and gauge the needs and views of the network as we plan for the future, as well as giving us a great opportunity to network and celebrate together.

However, in addition to the ongoing refugee crisis, the referendum result means huge uncertainties. Since the referendum we are all also aware that there seem to be even more very big changes going on across and beyond UK, which may or may not indicate ongoing new trends.  These include a big increase in race-hate crime, along with the alarming spectre of polarisation and fear in many of the cities and towns where we have been trying to build sanctuary networks.

For this reason we believe we should devote part of the day at the AGM to building a strong and positive framework for responding with unity and clarity to these negative changes and events.  We hope to provide a safe space for us as a network to share our concerns, to give updated information and links to organisations taking a lead in these matters, and to hear all your views on an appropriate strategic response to the situation we are likely to be in over the next year or so.

Given the severity of the situation, it’s even more important that as many local groups as possible can be represented at the AGM(details on our website).  If you are able to come and have not yet registered, please do so on here on Eventbrite.

In the meantime, in order to help us prepare for this part of the meeting, we’d like you to send us your thoughts and concerns, using these questions as a guideline:

  • Would you say that your supporters and people in your networks have been affected by the referendum result and events since then?

  • What concerns have refugees, asylum seekers and migrants in your group been expressing since the referendum result?

  • What thoughts have you and others in your network had about ways to build the sanctuary idea and counter polarisation in your local area?

  • How can the national organisation best help you & your group during these times?

If you are not able to come or send a representative to the AGM, we would be happy to arrange for one of the team to speak to you on the phone if you’d prefer that to sending an email. Please just get in touch with us, by replying directly to one of us or contacting your local trustee or staff team member.


Alan, Jonathan and Tiffy

Alan Thomas, National Chair
Jonathan Ellis, Vice-Chair
Tiffy Allen, Network Coordinator