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City of Sanctuary joins the whole country and world in our shock and grief at the brutal murder of Jo Cox, MP, who was a fearless champion for human rights and a defender of refugees. We reach out in deepest sympathy to her family and loved ones and add our voice to the millions of tributes.

Jo Cox said in her maiden speech in Parliament:

“Our communities have been deeply enhanced by immigration, be it of Irish Catholics across the constituency or of Muslims from Gujarat in India or from Pakistan, principally from Kashmir.

“While we celebrate our diversity, what surprises me time and time again as I travel around the constituency is that we are far more united and have far more in common with each other than things that divide us.”

 A lifelong supporter of refugees, she backed the successful campaign to persuade the government to accept more of the unaccompanied child refugees stranded in Europe by mobilising parliamentary support.

We are committed to honouring her memory, legacy and  brave husband in his call to ‘fight the hatred that killed her’.