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Report from “excellent opportunity to exchange ideas and learn from each other” – Midlands CoS Conference

IMG_5037“We need to talk about refugees as human beings, not statistics. One way to do this is to involve refugee’s own voices in every stage of campaigning and in the provision of services.”

– Sabir Zazai, Director of Coventry Refugee and Migrant Centre

A great news article has been published by Coventry Refugee and Migrant Centre, the venue for the successful wider Midlands regional conference last month. Please take a look and read about the informative talks, workshops and City of Sanctuary in Birmingham, Coventry, Cambridge, Derby, East Lindsey, Leicester, Loughborough, Northampton, Nottingham, Oxford, Reading and Wolverhampton.

Other feedback from delegates included:

“Excellent – this is the best way to get inspiration and clarity about what we do!”

IMG-20160520-WA0000“Stimulating conversations! Inspiring talks!”

“The regional conference in Coventry was fantastic! Really enjoyed the day.”

“I am absolutely brimming with ideas and information (Most stolen from other groups, if I am to be honest).”

“Sabir (Zazai) gave us a great welcome (and a great lunch) and it was lovely to see someone who had dropped off a lorry come good in such a positive way.  Jon (Featonby) also was very informative about the state of migrants and the Immigration Act – he obviously was very knowledgeable and answered questions well.”