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England’s forgotten refugees: Out of the fire and into the frying pan – A new Refugee Council Report

A message from our friends at Refugee Council, to accompany their new report.

“The news has been full of heart breaking pictures of refugees sleeping rough, of babies being washed in dirty puddles or going without enough milk. All happening in Europe: one of the richest continents in the world.

But, appallingly, it’s not just on Greek beaches and in Italian parks that refugees are struggling to survive.

It’s happening right here in Britain too.

Below the surface and behind the headlines, refugees who have been granted asylum in this country are being left with nowhere to sleep and with no way of feeding themselves and their families.

Every day, refugees who have just been granted asylum come through the Refugee Council’s doors in crisis. These people – who our Government has acknowledged are in dire need of protection – are then virtually abandoned by that same Government.

A recent survey of newly recognised refugees who came to see us – people who have recently been granted protection by the UK Government – found that over 80% were homeless, or about to become homeless.

Today the Refugee Council is releasing a new report which exposes this hidden crisis and we are calling on the Government to act.

No refugees in Britain should be left without refuge.”

Read their new report here.