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New Refugee Aid app – a single point for refugees to find information and for NGOs to provide it.

A new application uses GeoLocation to find the nearest asylum seeker and refugee services in the UK (and across Europe). Please see the Refugee Aid App flyer in English and Arabic and download if you have a iPhone or Android phone.  Information is categorised under the following headings:

Legal/admin/info, Food, Shelter, Water, Parents and children, Unaccompanied children, Women, Health, Education, Toilet/showers, Men.

Obviously these categories have Greece etc. in mind where refugees are on the move – and it may be possible to hide for example the water one and replace it with for example sports and leisure or welcome. Since it is still at the development stage, groups can help provide useful feedback and positive influence now.

British Red Cross has already put in their services and they are seeking to do the same with City of Sanctuary. They would be able to set up ‘broadcaster’ rights for all the City of Sanctuary coordinators around the country so you could post services in their local area.

Another function of the app, is the ability to send push messages to anyone with the app in specific locations to alert them to new services opening, changes to existing services or one off events. This is a fantastic opportunity for CoS to contact refugees using the app and inform them of special events etc. It would involve a 15 minute Skype call with Mark to register with admin rights.

Obviously the app is only as good as the information provided to populate it. So please also let relevant service providers in your city/town know about this opportunity and ask them to get in touch with Mark Forsyth [email protected] if they wish their service to be added to the app.