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Destitute Refugees: Can you help SHSH with DWP Review?

28 day move on review

The DWP are reviewing whether the current 28 day move on period is sufficient to allow refugees to transfer from asylum support to mainstream support.  Still Human Still Here is  looking for current data to supplement that already provided by the Red Cross which shows that refugees are being left destitute because the current move on period is insufficient.  Still Human Still Here are seeking the following information and if your group or a local organisation can help please email Mike Kaye [email protected]

He already have information from the NACCOM and the HIS in Scotland but would greatly appreciate any further information.

  • General stats around how many refugees NGOs/councils have had to support because of destitution after the move on period.
  • Where organisations help destitute asylum seekers, the percentage of destitute asylum seekers they see who are refugees and whether this has increased from 2014 to 2015 (or Q1 for 2016)
  • Recent case studies (2015 or 2016) showing impact on individuals of having to wait a long time to get mainstream support and/or that explains reasons for the delay

Mike would need to receive any information you have by 29 April 2016. Many thanks in advance for any help you can give with this.