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City of Sanctuary is campaigning for MPs to support the progressive amendments to the Immigration Bill passed through the House of Lords.   Many of our supporters have already contacted their MPs about the regressive measures proposed in the Immigration Bill. We are now asking all our supporters and networks to write again to their MPs requesting that they vote for the progressive amendments when it comes back to the Commons this month.

On April 12th  House of Lords voted for another amendment to prevent the detention of pregnant women during its Third Reading.   All the amendments that have been passed by the House of Lords will be discussed in the Commons 25th April. Please call on your MP to support these amendments including permission to work,   judicial oversight on detention,  the relocation of 3,000 unaccompanied refugee children in Europe and this new amendment opposing the detention of pregnant women.

Here is a model letter to MPs on Immigration Bill for you to adapt to suit. You can tell your MP about the amazing work that you do and give examples from personal experience where you can. You can find your MP’s email address by visiting the Parliament website – and don’t forget to add your name and address so they know you are one of their constituents.

The right to work for asylum seekers amendment has greatest Government opposition and least attention from MPs.  This is one that will make the most difference to asylum seekers right now. We therefore also suggest for Twitter users the following tweet.

(MPs twitter handle) will you vote to support Lords Amendment 59 to the #immigrationbill to let asylum seekers work? #letthemwork

You can find your MPs Twitter handle here or use this handy Tweet your MP tool .

Please share this widely so that as many MPs as possible know that people in the UK are seeking a culture of welcome for refugees not the “hostile environment” or anti-migrant rhetoric promoted by sections of the media and some politicians.

Earlier articles about  the Immigration Bill including links to various briefings from a variety of organisations can be found here.

Here is the latest ILPA Briefing on proposed amendments for Commons consideration – Immigration Bill.