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Rita Ora joins the “I am a Refugee” Campaign

JCWI’s new campaign for Refugee Week

The Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants  is looking to launch an “I am a refugee” campaign during Refugee Week to highlight the positive contribution of refugees to host countries and to ensure that refugees are welcomed in the UK. Rita Ora has joined the campaign and other refugees will be invited to create plaques of where they have lived or worked in London.  All plaques will be displayed in an art exhibition. We hope that City of Sanctuary supporters will distribute the  I am a Refugee flyer to help promote the campaign.

The campaign is open to refugees across the UK. JCWI are looking for a wide range of stories that highlight the contributions to British society from men and women who have sought safety in the UK from conflict and persecution, historically and in present times. These contributions can range from being a teacher in a school, to a volunteer in the local community, to a student in university, to a CEO of a company. “We want to show that when refugees are welcomed into the UK, they are able to thrive and contribute.”

There are 3 parts to the campaign:  10-15 refugees will have physical plaques appear on buildings. At present this is mainly concentrated in London due to logistics of staff travelling to the locations, however, it is open to people across the UK and JCWI will endeavour to accommodate requests for physical plaques outside of London. Secondly, as part of Refugee Week 2016, they will create plaques for all refugees across the UK who wish to participate in the campaign and these will be displayed in a striking art exhibition, alongside the refugee ambassadors’ plaques, during the course of the week.  To increase the scope of participation, all refugees will have the opportunity to also create their own digital plaques (to be shared and printed) through a dedicated campaign website. This will also be a platform through which additional information will be available.

The aim is to broaden the public’s perceptions and to continue to humanise the migration debate as refugees’ individual stories and achievements often get lost among the global popular rhetoric. JCWI  would really appreciate if City of Sanctuary networks could assist us in finding campaign participants. To nominate someone we would need the person’s name, location in the UK, a short blurb about them, and their contact details. It would also be great to let us know if the person is aware that they are being nominated (no problem if they do not know!). People are also encouraged to put themselves forward for the campaign also.

JCWI are seeking to raise just over £32,000 in order to make this possible.  Click here if you wish to donate.  If you have any questions or would like to be involved further please contact Saira Grant at: [email protected] or on: 020 7553 7456