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Refugee Action Voluntary Return Good Practice and other projects

Following the end of Refugee Action’s Choices programme, Refugee Action have started the Voluntary Return Good Practice project which aims to support organisations who are advising people around their voluntary return options by making good practice guidance available on their website.    It will include documents relating to different client groups (e.g. lone parents, trafficked people, etc.) and guidance relating to specific risks in particular countries (the current guidance includes 33 countries). As part of this work they are also assessing the impact of the Home Office’s decision to take the AVR service in-house and would welcome feedback from those who have used the service.

They are also now offering training from May 2016 to organisations who are supporting individuals who may be considering voluntary return.  Please contact Catherine Lennox below if your organisation wishes to participate.  Catherine is also very interested in hearing from organisations to gain a better understanding of the issues they are currently facing in relation to voluntary return and how this is impacting on asylum seekers.

In addition, Refugee Action has an Embassy Liaison Project which is now able to take referrals. This project aims to support individuals to access and attend embassy appointments in order to support their applications for statelessness or Section 4 Support (see Embassy Liaison Project – Project Overview for Partner Agencies  for further information).

Finally they have a legal project to provide capacity support to organisations around OISC training and accreditation for staff and/or volunteers.

For more information on any of the above please contact Catherine Lennox at: [email protected]