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Holocaust Memorial Day

71 years ago today the death camp at Auschwitz-Birkenau, where a million people were exterminated, was liberated by the advancing Soviet Army and the true horrors of Nazi Germany were revealed. In total, over six million people died in Nazi concentration camps.

We have an obligation to never forget, this atrocity or any genocide that came before or after.

Given what happened, it is hard to imagine that these events could ever be forgotten or denied. But sadly they are, often by people who either want to rehabilitate Nazism or simply target Jews today.

That’s why we are delighted to support the work of the Holocaust Memorial Day Trust and Holocaust Educational Trust, both of whom work tirelessly to remind us about what happened.

So let’s take a moment to pause and remember the horrors of the Holocaust by making a commitment to not stand by in the future.

After the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau many people said: ‘Never Again’. Sadly, these words have appeared hollow as numerous genocides have occurred since.
The slogan for this year’s Holocaust Memorial Day is ‘Don’t Stand By’ – a particularly fitting phrase in today’s unstable world.

So to mark the day, we are asking all HOPE not hate supporters to make a commitment to yourself and your friends to remember the Holocaust and subsequent genocides by doing everything you can to defeat the hatred that caused them.


Make the pledge now and together let’s ensure that Never Again means just that.